Nail Repair Gel Pink, 0.166 oz / 5 ml, highly viscous

The Gel nail will last and offer sensitive toes much needed protection when a nail is lost: artificial nails produced from light hardening polymerization resin. They are particularly easy to produce using the GEHWOL Nail repair gels. Both the new tube and the new consistency make the application of the single phase resin particularly simple. Starting immediately, you will also receive the three gels with higher viscosity.

Effective Ingredients:

One phase acrylate gel with climbazole, hardened by UV light.


Reconstruction of toe and finger nails after damaged nail material has been removed, to improve the appearance of brittle or torn nails. Clean the nails with GEHWOL Nail Repair Cleaner before application.

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Ready-to-use highly elastic nail modeling mixture, easy, precise and economical to apply using the fine tube opening. Fast hardening in 2 minutes using a UV light device.

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