med Express Foam

Moisturizing foam for daily use on normal to dry skin. Provides care and renders the feet noticeable more supple and leaves behind a pleasant skin sensation.

Suitable for Diabetics.

Dermatologically Tested.

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For daily use on normal to dry skin. The 4-times HYDRO-complex combines four powerful ingredients to improve skin hydration and provides a three-day retention effect. Hyrdractin LMF Rejuvenates the skin within 4 weeks. Evening primrose oil: Supports the skin’s natural moisture balance and reinforces the skin barrier and natural protection function of the skin. Moor plant extract: Replenishes the moisture deposits and smooths the skin making it noticeably supple. Urea: Supplies the skin with moisture and reduces pressure points that could trigger the formation of callus. Avocado oil: Protects the skin against moisture loss.