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Staying on your Feet with Diabetes Tue, 21 Jul 2020 14:41:04 +0000

Thank you for attending our webinar. Please download the Webinar presentation and additional documents below:

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When Feet Have Sugar Mon, 18 May 2020 15:14:09 +0000 Diabetics in the foot care practice.

The number of patients suffering from the metabolic disorder, Diabetes mellitus, is on the increase around the globe. There are over six million diabetics in Germany and the estimated number of unreported/undetected cases is around two million. In addition to the personal implications, the disease places dramatically rising costs on health services. Even in Foot care practices, many customers or patients are diabetics and warrant particular attention.

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The pro-biotic care concept Wed, 13 May 2020 18:44:00 +0000 Innovation in foot care.

The new probiotic care concept of the GEHWOL and GERLASAN brands starts even before skin problems arise. GEHWOL balance Foot Cream, GEHWOL balance Leg & Foot Lotion and GERLASAN balance Hand Cream regenerate the skin and help keep it healthy.

The probiotic BIOTILYS? strengthens the skin barrier, the white tea extract provides moisture and the sesame oil forms the care booster. The three active ingredients form the basis of the new, probiotic “balance” care series. GEHWOL balance Foot Cream combines the foot care expertise of the traditional GEHWOL brand with the innovative concept of probiotics. The Foot Cream regenerates and strengthens stressed skin. Regular care – if necessary several times a day – strengthens the skin barrier and reduces the loss of moisture in the skin .

GEHWOL balance Leg & Foot Lotion regenerates and nourishes stressed skin. Using the experience of the GERLASAN hand care brand, the probiotic balance Hand Cream was created. Frequent hand washing is particularly stressful for the skin. The GERLASAN balance Hand Cream regenerates and protects the skin on the hands.

The balance products are easy to distribute, absorb quickly, do not grease and follow a minimalist approach. This means that only as many ingredients as necessary for the formulations were used. The vegan balance care for normal to dry skin is PEG-free and without parabens or silicone oil. It is dermatologically tested, and suitable for diabetics.

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Get to know our new educator Tue, 07 Jan 2020 14:06:09 +0000

Patricia Mushero is a Licensed Nail Technician with more than 30 years of experience. Patricia was first introduced to GEHWOL products during her years in school in the Netherlands, where she graduated as a hand and foot care professional.?

She owns Las Vegas Medi Pedi, and works from her suite inside the podiatry office of Dr. Kirk Larkin, DPM, Larkin Foot and Ankle Institute, in Las Vegas, Nevada. She specializes in nail reconstruction and non-soak med pedicures.

Patricia is passionate about offering the best care, services and products to her clients, “Having healthy, functional feet affects the overall health of the body in many ways. My ultimate goal is to help people keep their feet healthy.”

How did you end up in the foot care business?

When I was younger I started like most girls do, with the passion for ‘pretty nails’ art and designing. After school I was only doing my own nails and didn’t have a salon but did services in-between working on my own business. But it changed from doing my own nails to doing my families, friends and later clients. 

After immigrating to the U.S., I noticed that nail technicians here are more interested in the aesthetic aspect of nails, like I was at the beginning. Then I recognized the opportunity to focus on not only nail but foot care as a whole. Working in a beauty salon I realized that I didn’t want or couldn’t work this way. My ideas for hand and foot care were too different. I started to focus more on education and making foot care my priority service. This resulted in renting a space in Desert Podiatry in Las Vegas where I did my internship for MNT.  My goal was set and path was clear! My own business… clean and safe services, educating my clients, and using high quality products.

Why are you so passionate about foot care?

The difference you can make for people who want or need proper foot and hand care makes me smile every time I help somebody. I do believe people’s foot health can be better with good information and care. Educating my clients while they get their service and explaining why I use certain products makes a difference to them. I also believe that a good pedicure is not always cosmetic but a must for clients who have abnormalities which they cannot deal with for themselves due to health problems, age or any other reason. Staying in your scope and knowing how you can use your skills to make a difference in your clients’ foot care is the challenge for me. It makes me happy and it is very rewarding when clients are happy at the end of their service, some even get emotional and they are always thankful. 

What is a typical work day like for you?

My business is open 5 days a week. And I start every morning a half hour before opening with making my hot towels ready for my clients, going over my clients for the day, and getting all their packages ready for their service and home care. I review intake forms for new clients and update myself with the info from returning clients’ information from their last visit. Preparing for my clients that day, their dishes with the autoclave implements, the disposable files, and any oils and creams I need per client. My services vary from skin, foot and hand care services. The podiatry office is very busy so it is coming and going with patients from Dr. Larkin. I get referrals from the doctor’s practice. When he refers a patient to me I take over and inform them about the possibility of having foot care services.

Being in a high traffic medical building means that every night after hours a cleaning crew comes in to clean. At the end of the day there is clean-up and set-up for my first client the next day. The doctor’s MA’s autoclave all my implements.

Do you feel the work you do is important? What’s the most rewarding thing you do/see as part of your job?

Yes, it is. A lot of people take up a good maintenance regime when they start or are having foot problems. I try to inform them that even though I cannot cure the damage done, I can make their feet look and feel better. Also, in some cases, I can slow the condition’s process and improve the overall look of their feet and nails. I try to teach them proper home care to help them in their daily life.

What’s your favorite GEHWOL product and why?

I have more than 1 favorite Gehwol product for different reasons. I love the Herbal Foot Bath. It makes the skin soft and flexible. I use it in two ways. I do non-soak services, so I use the Herbal Foot Bath soak every day to wet my hot towels. This has the same result as soaking in water, which is not an option for many of my clients because of health issues. 

But The Leg Vitality Cream is magnificent, easy in use and so nice to use as a mask. Lots of my clients have dry skin issues and you see it changing under your hands when you massage it in. Dry skin becomes all nice and smooth.

Now the Herbal Lotion is maybe my favorite. Deodorizing and very refreshing, from my experience it also locks up the creams used before. And personally, while some of my clients mentioned this, the smell is amazing and soothing for the soul. The combination of mountain pine, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus has a relaxing effect when I perform the service. Maybe that is why it is my favorite to use. 

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Standing up to diabetes Tue, 19 Nov 2019 15:47:44 +0000 More than 100 million U.S. adults are now living with diabetes or prediabetes. 7.2 million Americans didn’t know they had the condition.

Common accompanying signs of diabetes include dry skin and excess callus on the feet. They are partly responsible for severe foot complications such as diabetic foot syndrome. In the worst case, these complications and wounds may lead to amputation. However this doesn’t have to happen with the right care.

From foot problems…

Diabetic foot syndrome is one of the most common consequential disorders. It is sometimes also called diabetic foot. All diabetics should be well informed about it. This consequential disorder mainly affects the skin on the feet. Its circulation is not as good as normal. The skin nerves show disorders. Consequently the skin forms fewer fats and moisture. But fat in particular is an important component of the skin barrier. A lack of skin fats means that the moisture which is stored in the skin evaporates more easily. The skin quickly dehydrates and starts to itch. Strong scaling and cracks occur. These cracks are painful. They also allow fungi and bacteria to enter, further impairing the skin’s defenses.

… To problem feet

During these inflammations, ulcers which may extend to the bones can form, usually on the soles of the feet. Such wounds can also form easily underneath callus weals. If the function of the skin nerves is impaired, the person‘s gait may change. Certain areas of the foot sole are more severely strained in this case. The skin reacts to this strain with a natural protective mechanism: the callus layer thickens in the affected areas. Left untreated, however, the weal intensifies the pressure effects on the underlying tissues until a wound forms. In the worst case, such wounds or ulcers may lead to amputations. It is especially problematic that due to a nerve disorder, many diabetics feel no pain and do not even notice the foot problems or wounds. This makes it impossible to treat them at an early time.

Pay attention to your feet

Preventive measures are important for all persons with diabetes and patients with impaired pain sensation or circulatory disorders. It’s important to consistently avoid dry skin and excess callus on the feet, discover and treat problems at an early time, and ensure sufficient pressure relief for the feet. Diabetics should use qualified help for this and regularly have their feet inspected by a professional foot caregiver or podologist. Foot fungi, inflammation on the feet or between the toes and first signs of a wound must be treated immediately by a specialist, such as a dermatologist, in a diabetological specialty clinic or in the outpatient foot department of a hospital.

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Urea in GEHWOL Foot Care products Fri, 04 Oct 2019 15:47:52 +0000

What is Urea?

Due to its beneficial effects, urea is among the best known natural substances which have been used since ancient times both in the therapy of skin disorders and for cosmetic purposes. Urea is an odorless metabolic product. It is synthetically produced for industrial use. Urea has many uses in our products, this ingredient is just one reason why GEHWOL products are so effective.

We like to think that each of our products has its own recipe, urea helps to bind the ingredients in each product. Urea also breaks the cell bond to dry and excessively dry skin, along with bringing moisture to the area.

Skin care with urea

If the skin’s urea content drops, this can be balanced with urea containing care products. However, the prerequisite is that the cream contains a sufficient amount of lipids. This so-called lipid base ensures that the active substances are evenly released throughout the entire callus layer. Aside from its major influence on skin moisture, urea softens and moistens excess callus, detaches skin scales and soothes itchiness. Urea has been used in GEHWOL Foot Care Products for many years, the first time being 1983, our Foot Bath Concentrate .

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The skin cannot do without them. Lipids in skin care products. Thu, 19 Sep 2019 15:31:07 +0000

Skin barrier: this refers to dead callus cells that are compacted into a lipophilic mass by lipids (fats).

Lipids are 95 percent ceramides, cholesterol, waxes, fatty alcohols (triglycerides) and hydrocarbon compounds (squalenes). The foot skin has a rather low lipid content. The foot soles have no sebaceous glands to produce lipids. Here, epidermal lipids are almost exclusively formed from metabolic products during skin regeneration. This is also why the foot skin generally tends to be dry, and can develop excess callus, cracks and sensitivity under pressure and environmental influences.

Care emulsions with higher lipid content are advisable for these typical skin problems. Such emulsion types largely use plant based oils as their lipid base, as well as lanolin from sheep‘s wool or specific hydrocarbons (Vaseline, mineral paraffins).

The high-grade plant oils used by GEHWOL have the highest possible content of premium nutrients that are important for skin care, such as fatty acids and vitamins.

In liquid consistency, plant oils have a high share of polyunsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid. They are an important part of the ceramides and are therefore among the particularly barrier intensive lipid components of the skin. Olive oil and wheat germ oil have especially high proportions of linoleic acid. Saturated fatty acids such as palmitic acid and stearic acid are also processed in the skin.

Oils with a high content of palmitic acid include avocado oil and sea buckthorn oil, both of which have excellent skin smoothing properties. Certain solid plant fats are known for their high share of fatty acids, such as shea butter from the nuts of the shea tree. Their solid, spreadable form means that these fats are also suitable for imparting a firmer consistency to some emulsions (such as butters).
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Dream Team – A Solution for Excessively Dry Skin Thu, 06 Jun 2019 13:38:20 +0000
A solution for Dry, Cracked skin or heels..
There are many possible causes of dry foot skin: frequent showering and washing, swimming, cold weather, dry heating air, aged skin or skin disorders such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis. If the dry skin persists, it can lead to further skin problems. These include primarily callus, cracks or sensitive skin.

Dry skin tenses unpleasantly. It begins to flake. The skin lacks balancing fats and intensive moisture. This afflicts the natural protective shield of the skin, the skin barrier. It consists of dead skin cells (corneocytes) which are compacted by skin fats (lipids) into a compact, overlapping cell compound.
If lipids are missing, the barrier loosens and the skin becomes permeable. The moisture stored between the horn cells escapes. The skin dehydrates and loses its elasticity and resilience.

But there’s more. When stressed, callus production increases to relieve pressure. If the skin dehydrates further and the pressure persists, the now barely elastic callus may finally tear. If the skin barrier is cracked, bacteria, allergens and fungi can spread through these cracks (fissures) into deeper skin layers. The immune system is activated, and inflammation develops, accompanied by the symptoms of sensitive skin: redness, itching and burning skin. The GEHWOL med care concept covers the various stages of problem skin with products that are also suitable for diabetics and provides the skin with moisture and lipids as needed.

The GEHWOL med care concept offers solutions for the most common foot problems.

The unscented GEHWOL med Lipidro Cream cares for dry to very dry skin sustainably and intensively. Moreover, it ensures a balanced fat and moisture ratio. The cream has a regenerating and antibacterial effect and protects against excessive callus formation.

The GEHWOL med Callus Cream is suitable for removing excessive callus. The rich care complex relaxes the skin cells of the hard horny layers.
The friction in socks and shoes causes scales to detach. With regular use, the normal condition of the skin can be reached in 28 days. With severely callused, cracked skin.

The GEHWOL med Salve for Cracked Skin is recommended. Based on special medical soap and lanolin, it forms a greasy protective film and promotes the regeneration of chapped skin. Elasticity and resistance return.

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Welcome to our Blog! Wed, 17 Oct 2018 03:21:45 +0000 Welcome to GEHWOL Foot Care Blog. Here you will find latest updates about our company, products and protocols.

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